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Solar Installation Basics


How Difficult is it to Install Solar Power?

For experienced installers, solar panel installation is a relatively easy and quick process. Home-based solar systems may be fully installed within 24 to 72 hours. Choosing the company to install your solar power system and picking out the actual system that’s best suited to your needs may in fact be the most time-consuming part of the whole process.


How to Find Qualified Solar Power Installers?

As is often the case within an industry that grows substantially in popularity very quickly, many new companies appear on the horizon but they have limited experience and are merely in the business to make a quick buck.

If you consider that solar panels are constructed to last 25 to 30 years, then it’s more than important that they are installed by a professional in the trade. Another thing to consider is that the panels are installed in such a way so as not to affect the integrity of your roof. With these issues in mind, the key here is to find a company through recommendation, or one that has a strong track record within the trade.

All our installers have extensive experience in the solar field in Massachusetts and are properly licensed and insured.

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How to Select an Installer?

When looking for a solar energy installation company, there are a couple of questions to ask:

With the proper licensing and a track record of professional work carried out over a period of years, the company you opt for will be much more likely to be able to meet your needs in full and perhaps even more besides.


Is it Possible to Install the System Myself?

Self-installation is not to be encouraged for two main reasons, namely:

Thus it makes sense to find an experienced professional to do the job for you, keeping in mind the points listed above about finding the right company to carry out the work.

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